Tottenham – Fulham: prediction and rate of Vladimir Chaplygin

In the current season of the Premier League, in comparison with the previous one, there is a tendency to an increase in the average number of photos. If earlier everything revolved around the figure of 21.5 violations of the rules, now it is already around 22.5. In any case, the total offered by the bookmakers is at least two points higher than the average.

Perhaps today there are two teams meeting, which only do what they foul left and right? Not at all – Tottenham and Fulham’s performance is not much different from league averages. According to my calculations, it is worth expecting from 18 to 21 fouls from the upcoming match.

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Perhaps a referee has been appointed for the match, who only does what interrupts the course of the match with the trills of the whistle? And then by. The referee team headed by Peter Banks will serve the match. Unlike the average Premier League referee, Peter is even slightly less likely to record minor violations of the rules. As a result, after adjusting the values, my forecast changes to a range from 17 to 19. So we have a very good advantage in comparison with the bookmaker’s total of 24.5 points.

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